Threshold Inspections

Threshold Inspections

EMA has  Florida state certified Special inspector to provide threshold inspections. Our Special Inspector has experience of  performing threshold inspections for projects ranging from commercial to sport arenas & airport buildings. Our engineer has threshold inspections experience for foundation, steel and concrete structures, post tensioned and masonry structures.
Previous Projects:

We have experience of providing threshold inspections to following projects:

Performing Arts Center Miami, FL (Special Inspector Services for $60 million part of job)

American Airline Arena, Miami, Florida ( Special inspector Rep, $225 million arena)

Broward County Arena, Sunrise, Florida (Special Inspectors rep , $185 million)

Concourse H, Miami Int’l Airport, Miami, Florida ($45 million dollar cost)

Cargo Buildings at Miami Int’l Airport, Miami, Florida ( Special inspections Rep, $18 million)

Threshold or special inspections are provided as per Florida statues 553 and 471. The threshold inspections are provided for shoring, reshoring, pilecaps, foundations, CMU walls, concrete pours, structural steel, precast concrete and all elements of a project including beams, columns, slabs, etc.

Our threshold Inspector is Florida State certified and has extensive experience in providing such inspections.