Wood, Concrete and Steel Structures

wood, concrete, steel structures

EMA have extensive structural experience design. We design residential as well as commercial, industrial, warehouses, mid rise buildings including condos, and office buildings in wood, concrete, steel structures. Our engineers specialize in the design of buildings, framework and other similar load-supporting structures. EMA use economical design,  so they can safely resist the forces to which they are subjected to.

When designing a structure to serve a specified function for public use, EMA accounts for the safety, esthetics and serviceability while taking into consideration economic or physical constraints. We utilize the latest up-to-date structural engineering software available to arrive at the optimum structural design solutions.

We provide a full range of structural engineering services.

• The structural engineering design of Residential Homes, Commercial and Office Buildings

• structural Damage estimation, Repair of Existing Structures

• Technical Specifications and Protocols

• Structural Diagnostic Evaluation

• Plans and Peer Review for wood, concrete, steel structures.