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Building Infrared Inspections

Building infrared inspections give differences in surface temperatures reveal many remarkable qualities and abnormalities about a building. Infrared Inspections technology has vastly improved over recent years, allowing the Infrared Thermal Inspection Specialist the opportunity to lower the costs of their independent visual surveys. In fact thermography has become one of the most cost effective means of identifying and resolving many adverse conditions. Infrared inspections and surveys are increasingly requested for commercial, and industrial applications.

These inspections utilize the same technology found in military, aerospace, and medical applications. Infrared thermal inspections have helped commercial investors, net lease occupants, commercial real estate investors, commercial property management firms, residential properties, industrial preventive maintenance, building management firms, maintenance teams, general contractors, renovators, commercial inspectors, real estate specialists, builders, and renovation specialists.

Thermal Infrared Inspections are vitally important to detect otherwise unknown or virtually invisible issues and concerns. At some point in time, building owners will become affected by high energy costs, heavy rains, leaks, and periodic flooding. Infrared Inspection Technology can assist with these environmental and building concerns and greatly reduce damage and repair costs associated with them.

Infrared inspections and nuclear testing can target problem roof