Building Condition survey

Building condition survey also known as a Due Diligence Inspection, is a physical evaluation of an existing building’s systems, components and site improvements.

It typically includes items such as site characteristics, structure, roof, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, fire/life safety, and access and egress. Most commonly, building condition survey are performed prior to a real estate transaction for commercial property. We utilize the ASTM Standard E 2018-99 as a guideline for conducting Building Surveys.

Building Condition Insp[ections
Building Condition Survey Inspections

EMA is committed to providing our clients with detailed, impartial reports which are certified by Registered Professional Engineers.

We provide a full range of inspection services including:

– Structural (Assessment)
– Roof Inspections
– Construction / Building Defects
– Commercial Construction Monitoring
– Construction Draw Inspections

Due Diligence or Building Condition Survey Structural

Before purchasing an apartment or a building, a due-diligence inspection is recommended so prospective buyers know critical information about the property’s condition. Even recently built condominiums can have their share of problems, from leaky roofs to bad ventilation to windows that don’t open and shut properly. EMA pre-purchase surveys, conducted by a licensed professional engineer, evaluate a building’s visual structural frame, interior, exterior systems as well as conditions in the unit itself that could indicate larger building-wide defects. Our written survey reports, which include descriptions and photographs of our findings, help clients make an informed decision about buying.