Month: February 2016

Hurricane damage inspections engineers

Hurricane Damage Inspections

Hurricane Damage inspections Hurricane damage Inspections are performed by EMA engineers. In case of natural disasters including hurricane damage & water damage, a quick and coordinated recovery is key. Not only is the safety and well being of our loved ones at stake but the welfare of society depends critically on the resilience of its […]

Hail damage inspections

Hail Damage Inspections

Hail Damage Inspections Hail damage inspections to roof and buildings. In many parts of the US, hailstorms are a way of life. For many homeowners it’s not a question of whether a hailstorm will hit, but when damaging hail will hit. Many areas in the U.S. receive hail six or more times a year and […]

Forensic Building Engineering

Forensic Building Engineering

Forensic Building Engineering Forensic building engineering Services by EMA to our clients An outstanding application of EMA Engineering’s expertise is Forensic Building Engineering and Building Damage Assessment. Highly experienced structural engineers with forensic building engineering experience and engineering staff are available for investigation, diagnosis, assessment and remediation advice covering, buildings and structures for damage of […]

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Masonry Forensics

EMA Masonry Forensics Services Some masonry forensics problems are regional, but many occur nationwide. Here’s an overview of 10 common construction problems that masonry contractors face. 1 PROBLEM Efflorescence in masonry forensics When water containing dissolved salts evaporates from a masonry structure it leaves a salt deposit (Figure 1). The stain is called efflorescence. Salts […]

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Construction Estimates

Construction Estimation EMA Forensic Associates provides construction estimates services based on a defined project where scope and budget are crucial to keeping the project on schedule during the design and bidding phases. The first and most important opportunity to do this is at the initial concept of the project. Feasibility and budget construction estimates are […]