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tampa building engineers, orlando structrual engineers

Building Engineers Tampa

Building Engineers

Building Engineers Tampa

Building engineers Tampa can provide our clients with unsurpassed building engineers, and structural engineering solutions & construction repair claims, along with following services. We have experience in providing change order analysis, quality control issues and delay claims on various projects with construction costs in millions of dollars. We analyze claims for various factors as cost increase, scope of work change, and approve what is optimal per the contract terms and conditions.

– Cost and structural or forensic Damage assessment

– Building engineering.

– Roof engineering
– Construction Delay claim analysis
– Construction Change order analysis
– Construction Quality control issues
– Construction Litigation support

building condition surveys tampa
EMA Structural Building Engineers Tampa,

Our building engineers are trained in various aspects of buildings including structural design, analysis, construction monitoring, peer review, threshold inspections, and project commissioning. Skilled in inspecting and repairing a structure’s physical elements, a building engineer has a combination of customer service and practical skills that keep things working. A hands-on person, the building engineer, who doesn’t necessarily have an engineering degree, knows how to fix things that go haywire. Whether it’s a jammed window sash, a busted pipe or some other malady in your building, you know you can turn to the building engineer for repairs and assistance.

Building Engineers Skill Set

A building engineer is handy. Not only can building engineers recognize the proximal cause of a problem, they can use the tools of a plumber, electrician or carpenter to resolve the issue quickly and without drama. They know how to inspect a building’s elements and diagnose potential problems. They can repair and maintain buildings’ physical systems, such as heaters and piping. They know how to keep the building in the best condition possible by their own efforts or those of specialists, such as those licensed for elevator repair.