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Tampa Structural engineers Tampa

Structural Engineers Tampa

EMA is a Tampa structural engineers firm. EMA also provide services of Structural Engineers in Orlando & Jacksonville. Our Structural engineers provide structural design, structural damage inspections, structural condition assessment of various buildings.

We have expert structural engineers for design engineers who provide structural design, job specifications, structural peer review, structural inspections. We also provide foundation design and inspections, renovation design calculations and drawings, construction monitoring.

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Hurricane damage inspections engineers
Forensic Engineering services in Tampa, Clearwater & Florida, Texas, New York.

Forensic Engineers Tampa

EMA Forensic engineers Tampa provide the highest quality of forensic engineering and expert witness services. This includes hurricane structural damage assessment, building damage assessment. Forensic Engineers Tampa also inspect roof damage assessment, Roof hail & wind damage inspections. Other investigations include floor tiles damage inspections, building damage inspections and SB-408.

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Threshold Inspectors Tampa
Threshold Inspectors

Threshold Inspectors

We are licensed in Florida as Special inspectors. Tampa threshold Inspectors provided threshold inspections on all new construction in Florida in accordance with the Florida statues 553 and 471. We provide threshold inspections for high rise buildings, sport arenas, airport buildings, post tension construction, foundation. Also provide threshold inspections for structural steel, concrete construction and masonry construction. Our engineers are trained and experienced engineers with multiple years of experience of design and inspection.

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